Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have two obsessions that are a part of other obsessions:
Eyes, namely, people gazing into each others' eyes, and hands.
Don't ask why I suddenly have an obsession with them, but I do.
Ah, the joys of being a shipper.

I also like manipulating images, so two images look like one.

I like to make icons almost more then anything else, so that's why I post so many, because it's chiefly what I make.

Friday, July 28, 2006

So, after about two weeks of hunting for these two pictures, which must be rare, or something. I broke down, and Googled Johnny Depp, this is a dangerous thing to do, since I'd rather not wittness Johnny's hair problems (or at least try to cut down on those times when I do witness them), and I found a Johnny fan site, and lo and behold, the pictures, large, pretty high-res, and just what I was looking for.
So I made this:

I'm slightly disapointed that I didn't attempt to fix the quality of the pictures, but hey,
there's always next time.
Three brownie points for the Johnny Depp Fan Site.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I don't know how many Matrix display images I can make before I crack, but apparently, it's a lot.
I even made, like, an Agent Smith one, and I don't like Agent Smith that much.
Maybe it just feels like a lot, when it really isn't.
Oh, and I did make some Pirates of the Caribbean ones, but they aren't that good.
I have this whole stash of Matrix screencaps, so that's where I get all of my images.
It's actually pretty dangerous to have that many screencaps just lying around.
I wanted to make a display image of The Dude, but, sadly, no good pictures. :((
Look! It's Reese Witherspoon!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Spider-Man. I'm pathetic.
This one is entitled Bitten and uses pictures from the scene where Peter gets bitten by the spider.
This one has so many obvious mistakes, I don't even feel it's worthy to post. But I'm posting it anyways.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I haven't been feeling very creative lately, I wonder if my passion for graphics came from NeoPets. So just one piece. Spider-Man, which is, for the moment, the only thing I feel like being creative with. I do not feel an obsession coming on, in case you were worried. Oh, no, my hands are full with Pirates of the Caribbean (and The Matrix, but I'd rather not discuss that)
I like this collage, but I don't. It's odd, I like how I've arranged the pictures, but the text is too girly, or something.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I loathe the font I used for their names. Blech. But it was the font used in the beginning of the movie, so I felt I had to use it. Overall it's a very nice piece, simple, but not too simple. Which is important.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Orlando doesn't look good with eyeliner on. :o

A simple piece, just a black and white photograph with text.
"William Turner
doesn't have a jar of dirt"
Bit insane, really. But I think I'm in love with jars of dirt now.
Annddddd... my new desktop background. Guess what? Jack is hugging his jar of dirt.
Oh, yeah.

Will Dead Man's Chest hurry up and come out on DVD so I can screencap all the jars of dirt I want???!? And the hot guy that holds them?!?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ha, The Matrix.
The leaves make no sense, but it's a pretty picture....
The quotes are from the first, and the third movies.
I like it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Here are two old blends, that I'm only posting out of lack of anything interesting to post.
I'm pretty sure this is the second Naomi Watts blend I ever made, I love the pictures, but the colours are icky.

The colours are to zzzzzzzzzzz.... in this one. I dunno. It's just overall booooooring.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Icons. One Word. 70 Icons.

Yes, icons. Little 100x100 pieces of pure junk.
Which is exactly why I'm posting my entire collection. That I made all in the course of three weeks.

11 Elizabethtown, 3 Harry Potter, Two Liv Tyler, a whooping 14 Lord of the Rings, 1 Keira Knightley, sixteen Pirates of the Caribbean, 13 Matrix, 1 Princess Diaries, 1 Bill & Ted, 1 Secret Window, 1 Orlando Bloom, 1 Cate Blanchett, 2 Anne Hathaway, 1 Shrek 2, 1 Mona Lisa Smile, and 1 Lake House.
In other words, 70 little boogers. 70. My computer only knows how long they took to make.
And I haven't even bothered watching Mona Lisa Smile (hee-hee, truth be told, I don't even know what Mona Lisa Smile is about) or Secret Window.

Okay, so there aren't thirteen Matrix icons, four, apparently, of those "icons" turned out to be video clips of Neo shooting Agents.