Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lord of the Rings Blends/Collages/and Random Images

I have this tendancy to get addicted to making Lord of the Rings blends every so often. So, in a very, very, short time (normally about two days, tops) I make an insane amount (or at least attempt) to make an insane amount of Lord of the Rings graphics.
I don't save most of them. But these are the ones that were good enough to save. And a few of them I was requested to make.
The question I feel like asking everytime I see this blend is: "Why do Liv and Viggo have to be so darn cute together?" I swear, I get all mushy inside, and feel like crying. The lyrics I used for the image (too....cute....) where from the song "Forever Young" On top of all the mushy-crying-cutness, this was the last blend I made before my Photoshop trial ran out.
My personal favourite. I was requested to make it, but I still love it to bits.
Liv, Cate, and Miranda are so just darn pretty... The colours really get me. I have a weakness for colours. Those colours, colours that make me feel happy. I didn't even know who Eowyn was at the time, having only seen half of Fellowship of the Ring. I couldn't even tell Galadriel and Eowyn apart....

Ah, Legolas. I went through a Legolas phase, and then another one, and I'm currently not in one. His eye is kinda messed up in this one, though. If you couldn't tell, I was obsessed with greyscaled blends....

Here's the blend that doesn't have Frodo. He was supposed to be there, but had to get taken out because Haldir's and Legolas's heads were too big, and I wanted Aragorn in it. So, volia, no Frodo (Elijah's a cutie, though. With those pools of blue.... and that adorabelle nose......)

I'm not a huge Eowyn fan, and I like female heros. A lot. Holly, Trinity, Hermione, Marica, and quite a few more. But, I like Eowyn, just not like I like, say, Holly. Anyways, this piece turned out nice. I don't really have anything to say about it... Eowyn is darn pretty, though.

Two Legolas images, during the second mini-obsession with the 2000 (and probably more) year old elf.

Okay, I'm going to end this little romp through my Lord of the Rings graphics, with a Blend/Collage of the movie The Lake House.

At the time I'm writing this, I haven't seen the Lake House.

But I couldn't resist.

Keanu's a cutie.

This one grabs my heart, and won't let go. I swear, I should just print it out and sleep with it. Just because I love the colours so much. Achhhhhhhhhhhhh....... and because sleeping with a piece of paper is easier then sleeping (attempting to sleep) with a DVD. So now I just put it on the floor by my bed.... but you didn't need to know that, now did you?

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